These Secret Tech Pro-Tips Will Change Your Life!

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about to change your life maybe with some technology-related life hacks, and pro tips that i've been using for a long time now I've got five of them to go over today, and hopefully doing them will make your life a little bit easier before we get started.

i obviously have to plug my amazing award-winning Instagram account where you'll find the most hilarious tech memes you can possibly imagine usually in my stories so if you want to follow me on there it's just, the dojo over on Instagram alright so anyway let's get right into the first tip you may have experienced this before where you have some device you own, and for whatever reason, you need to look up info on that product using the actual model number or you need the serial number to get support for it.

something like that for example you're trying to look up a feature for your specific tv you have but you need to know the exact model number to find any info so you end up climbing behind the tv and looking at the little tag to try, and find the model number instead of doing all that what you should do whenever you buy something new some new electronics is snap a photo of the label there obviously should be one usually on the product itself but a lot of times there will be one right on the box too with all the same info if not more then the other part of the tip is after you take a picture to create an album on your phone specifically for serial numbers.


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