How to Make a QR Code For Your Wi-Fi (And Impress Your Friends)

maybe this has happened to you you have some friends over, and they ask for the wi-fi password so you tell them oh yeah it's on the bottom of the router or it's a custom password that you set so you go, and try to spell it out but the password is so complicated that your friends get so angry they leave and you never speak to them again and they're not your friends.

anymore wait a minute that hasn't happened to you guys well anyway what if there was a better way where you didn't have to even tell your friends what the password is but they were still able to connect to your wi-fi hotspot or a guest network that you set up instead you have a simple QR code that's stuck to the router, or maybe you just have it sitting on the table on a piece of paper.

that way they can just point their phone's camera at it, and it will automatically connect them to the wi-fi hotspot or the guest wi-fi hotspot with no other issues well that's exactly what we're going to show you how to do today and making a QR code is actually extremely easy


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