7 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your Computer

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And I clearly shorted something out. My initial reaction was basically to just stare at it, and I literally thought I just fried the whole thing and would need to build a new PC, it was a mess. So I press the power button and everything actually turns on… except the water cooler was clearly dead, its light wasn’t on and the pump wasn’t running. So I ended up having to replace it the water cooling unit, which was like $ not cheap, but fortunately, nothing else was shorted out, but it could have been a lot worse. So learn from my mistake and don’t go messing around with the inside of your computer while it’s running, it's not worth it.


Alright, so those are some things you really need to avoid so your computer stays un-destroyed. But what fun is that? In fact, there are plenty of ways people have actually come up with to actually try and destroy their computers for pure entertainment value. One example is the infamous “ether-killer” device, where someone literally took an AC power cable and spliced it directly to an ethernet cable.


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