7 Computer Tips to Do EVERY Month!

how's it going guys I'm the, and today I'm going to show you how you can keep your computer running in tip-top shape I've got seven monthly maintenance tips that you can do, and then a couple of tips that you can do probably like once a year less often than that all of these are really easy, and really shouldn't cost you anything now before we jump in I want to quickly thank the sponsor of this video which is myself, and actually my second beer, and new channel that I just talked about recently it's called.


actual school what they should have taught you just like the dave suggests it's going to be about useful videos about financial investing advice life pro tips and just skills in general so if that sounds like something you're interested in you can go check it out see what kind of videos I have up on there already there's a few already so check it out, and be sure to subscribe if you're interested, and of course, that link will be right in the description all right so let's get into these tips, and again these should not be taking long at all you can set aside like an hour once a month knock them all out very easy so first up we have uninstalled any unused programs.


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