10 Ways You're Using Your Computer WRONG!

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how's it going guys I'm Theo finally got a haircut Joe and today we're going over ways that you're using your computer completely wrong you're gonna ruin everything your computer's gonna explode just, kidding these are just gonna be things that a lot of people do that aren't exactly the best way to use your computer some of these are just basic mistakes or just not exactly following best practices.


we're gonna explain what those are, and why you might want to be doing things a little bit differently to improve your experience when using your computer, and a lot of these will just be for Windows and Windows specifically but some of them will apply to no matter what kind of computer you're using so starting off the number one everyone knows that if you have a problem with your computer the first thing you should probably try is to turn it off and on again it's like a meme at this point but you might not realize that with Windows there is a feature called fast.

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